Filmcafé Comedy Night (English) (SOLD OUT)


Tijd: 20.00 - 22.30 uur
Datum: 28-02-2020
Locaties: Filmcafé Utrecht, CAB-Rondom 90A, Utrecht

Comedian Stephen Bells’ monthly English show in the Filmcafé in Utrecht has quickly become one of the best places in the city for some easy-going and anarchic comedy. Headed by this Irish comedian who has called The Netherlands his home for some years now, expect a quirky show full of new talent, old pro’s and the ever pervading feeling the anything can happen. And all this in one of the rawest, and most-exciting, new locations to get a drink in Utrecht: the Filmcafé in Utrecht.

Line Up: Adam Fields & Nigel Williams and talents



An annual stand-up comedy event at 12 different locations in Utrecht. Over 40 different shows of 60 to 120 minutes per event. For a week Utrecht is the Comedy-Capital of the Netherlands.