Utrecht Comedy Week: Professional Comedy Meeting with Edo Berger (SOLD OUT)


Tijd: 14.00 - 17.00
Datum: 05-03-2020
Prijs: 29,50 euro
Locaties: Secret Comedy Club
Professional comedians, bookers, theatre directors and anyone with an appreciation for the business side of stand-up comedy comes together for one big, beautiful meeting about comedy.
— Eric Looge – Streaming comedy
Last year, there were so many questions for PIAS-mogul Eric Looge about their work promoting performances of the likes of Jim Jefferies and Louis CK, that we didn’t get round to the other side of their business: streaming services. Eric will talk about their endeavours in online content delivery and his prospects for that market.
— Adam Fields – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Performing in English
Adam is one of the foremost English-speaking comedians living in Europe -that’s not counting the UK, because, you know, everything). Not only does he know the most common mistakes that comedians make when performing in a second language, but as a native speaker he has also adapted his own language use to suit mixed international audiences. A not to be missed list of do’s and don’ts.
— International panel discussion – The rise and rise of English comedy in Europe
We will also talk to Jacopo Cirillo from Milanese agency Aguilar, who will be interviewing comedians at the UICF for his forthcoming book on comedy and national identity.
Afterwards, a demonstration of one of the qualities at which comedians excel: drinks.
An annual stand-up comedy event at 12 different locations in Utrecht. Over 40 different shows of 60 to 120 minutes per event. For a week Utrecht is the Comedy-Capital of the Netherlands.