Raul Kohli’s Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe – Early show (ENGLISH)


Tijd: 20.15 - 21.15
Datum: 04-03-2020
Prijs: 10 euro
Locaties: De Stadstuin
English comedian Raul Kohli brings the best comedians from the Edinburgh Fringe to Utrecht with his Pick of the Fringe. Kohl is deeply embedded in the underground comedy scene in the UK and knows exactly which upcoming comedians bring something new to the table. And through his charm he has convinced four of them to come to the Stadstuin Werkspoorfabriek to wow audiences with fantastic jokes.
Erika Ehler, Bygja Babylons, Sophie Willian and Jonny Pelham are ready to show why the UK comedy scene is still one of the most exciting places for lovers of a well-crafted joke.
Line Up:
mc: Raul Kohli
Erika Ehler
Bygja Babylons
These are tickets for the early show in the Stadstuin Werkspoorfabriek from 20.15 to 21.15 hour.
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